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We know how important it is to trust your care company to get things right, and how in an age of PR and marketing how difficult it is to get a real feel for a service. So we’ve pulled together a selection of real and unsolicited comments that our clients have made about our services over the years, as well as some observations from the Care Quality Commission inspectors.

What our clients say

Supporting Independent Living

"We are writing to express our thanks to you and all the team for the wonderful support you have given to Dad, in the last few weeks especially. He was a fiercely independent minded individual and it is a tribute to your staff that his final days were made as comfortable as possible. With your help, Dad was able to live out his final days in his own home, and not in hospital, which he so dreaded."

"I would like to thank you for all the care given to our mother; it enabled her to stay in her own home for as long as possible."

"Mum loved seeing the carers each week and learning about them and where they came from. To know she was in such safe hands certainly eased our minds."

Respite Care

"We would like to thank you for all the help you gave us, so that we could leave my husband at home – knowing that he would have someone making sure he was given some support and care in our absence. This allowed us to relax a little for a few precious days and enjoy being able to follow some of our interests away from the pressures of home. The young ladies who visited him were all very kind."

"Thank you so much for the care you gave my husband while I was away. He said that everyone was very kind and helpful and it was lovely to have peace of mind whilst I was away."

Dignified Care

"I would like to say a big thank you for all the help you gave both to my husband and myself. The people that came round to assist my husband did so with respect for him as a person, but also with kindness and friendliness. They were also a great help and comfort to me when my husband got worse.  Best of all though, they managed to get us to have a laugh!"

Dementia Care

"Looking after someone with dementia can be difficult and frustrating and we appreciate the professional and caring approach that we have seen from you all. Recent months have been particularly difficult and your understanding and concern have helped to provide the support that we have needed."

Our Care Heroes

"My carer is fantastic – she always listens and makes me feel I am special."

"I am writing to thank all the carers who were visiting us throughout the snowy weather over the past few weeks. In spite of all the difficulties they faced driving, and the amount of walking they had to do to reach us, they never let us down, and this was very much appreciated."

"You have a star in Julia who leads a splendid team who were genuinely concerned about Mum and, as the years passed, they coped with the necessary changes with a calm confidence that allowed Mum to be physically and emotionally comfortable."

"I want to say how pleased I am with my care. My main carer is wonderful, but when she was away all the other care staff were fantastic. They were all friendly and hard working."

"To all my carers who have been looking after me – you always come in with a smile and a cheery word – only to find me huffing and puffing like something from outer space! Thank you for being so kind and understanding."

Our Little Extras

"With many thanks for the lovely bunch of roses that you all gave me for my birthday. They look beautiful at home and I really appreciate the gift."

"Thank you for your warm good wishes, pretty birthday card, and lovely basket or red roses – a very pleasant surprise. Thank the kind carers for their kindness, helpfulness and tact, which is much appreciated."

"Thank you very much for your card and the brassica plant – I now know the name of another plant!"

Our Days Out

"We had a super lunch with you on Saturday. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who put such a big effort in to make sure we enjoyed ourselves. The food, decorations, entertainment and the company were all excellent. We were fortunate to be invited!"

"What a wonderful Valentine’s party you held for us yesterday. Such a delicious lunch – and served expertly by your caring staff. I must just mention the beautifully decorated room – on all the tables the helium balloons were most striking and so festive. Thank you for inviting me to such a special occasion."

"Thank you for arranging an interesting outing for us on Saturday. We enjoyed the train trip and the cream tea. The whole event reminded us of the war years and all you girls looked good dressed up."

"Thank you to all the staff for inviting me to your winter lunch. I really enjoyed it and came away smiling.  You all worked so hard – thank you!"

"Thank you to everyone involved in Saturday’s lunch – my first outing for nearly a year. I very much enjoyed myself."

The Extra Mile

"When night care was needed, Julia helped organise this help and by doing so bought me the time to find another care agency to take on this extra role. I cannot emphasis enough what this meant to both me and Mum, especially as I know this is not your company policy. For me, this demonstrated an 'above and beyond the call of duty' approach from your company and the individuals who took turns to provide night cover – I really cannot thank you enough."

What the inspectors say

People’s individual assessments and care plans were reviewed regularly with their participation. People’s care plans were updated when their needs changed to make sure they received the support they needed.

The staff we spoke with were knowledgeable about the specific needs of each person they supported.

Staff were made aware of people’s likes and dislikes to ensure the support they provided was informed by people’s preferences.

Staff sought and obtained people’s consent before they provided support… People were satisfied with how their support was delivered.

People’s privacy was respected and people were supported in a way that respected their dignity and independence.

Staff offered explanations to people before they helped them. One person who had a visual impairment told us how their care worker talked with them and explained any interventions beforehand

People were referred to health care professionals when needed and in a timely way.

The provider took account of people’s comments and suggestions. People’s views were sought and acted upon.

Staff escorted people to provide practical support when they were going out…  This meant that people had access to all facilities in their community to carry out any activities they chose to. People who were accompanied by staff enjoyed going shopping, eating out, visiting friends, garden centres, or local points of interest.

Recruitment procedures were thorough to ensure suitable staff were employed to keep people safe. This included checking employment references and carrying out Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.  All staff received an induction and shadowed more experienced staff until they could demonstrate a satisfactory level of competence to work on their own.

Clear instructions relating to confidentiality including the appropriate use of social media were provided in staff handbooks.

Read the full CQC Report

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What our clients say

The little things that make the big difference

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