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We provide homecare services for the elderly and people with disabilities in West Kent, in Tunbridge Wells, and Tonbridge and the surrounding areas.

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What our clients say

"We are writing to thank you for the first-class care your carer provided for our mother; she was quite exceptional, not just in what she did but in her tact, patience, anticipation of needs and above all her continuous ability to make our mother feel better. Without her, a move to a care home would have taken place much earlier."


The little things that make the big difference

“One client doesn’t like spending money and only had two skirts and two jumpers.  So I scoured the charity shops in my own time to find new clothes for her.  The client loves her new wardrobe – and the fact it didn’t break the bank.”

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To discuss how we can help, or to book an assessment call 01892 529429