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The Extra Mile

Our extensive experience of helping older people and those with disabilities and complex care needs has taught us which issues are upper most in the minds of our clients and their relatives. So we pay extra attention to these areas, to make sure we go the extra mile in the things that matter to you the most.

Cancer care

Around half of all cancer cases are diagnosed in people aged 70 and over. Our expert carers have wide experience of working with clients with a range of cancers and providing them with effective practical and emotional support. We work closely with cancer nurses, district nurses and GP’s to make sure you are getting co-ordinated care. We can also help get you to hospital appointments and make sure you are taking the right medicines at the right times. 

If your illness - or your loved one’s illness - is no longer responding to treatment, our palliative care team can administer to your needs with skill, understanding and sensitivity. Our palliative care is closely monitored to make sure any changes in need are accommodated quickly. We also work to support your extended network of friends and family during this challenging time.

Dementia care

Around half our clients have dementia or Alzheimer’s, so we have extensive experience of working with these complex conditions. We work in partnership with the Canterbury Dementia Centre to provide care that is based on the latest dementia research; this shows that the best place for someone with dementia is in familiar surroundings.

Our one-to-one care services are individually tailored and help to maintain a regular routine within a safe environment at home. We focus on the positive to promote a sense of well-being and we maintain continuity of care to foster feelings of security. 

We also work closely with the family to provide encouragement and assistance, and to help them understand the vital role they have to play in providing a bridge between past memories and the present day. This, in turn, helps the family stay connected to the person they know and love.

Stroke care

Some people recover from a stroke quite quickly, but for others it can be a slow process requiring expert support. Studies show that the earlier you receive support, the quicker and more fully you are likely to recover.  Our expert carers work with you to help you recover as much independence as possible.  We also liaise with other agencies, such as specialist stroke units, physiotherapists, language therapists, GPs and district nurses - as well as your relatives - to make sure you are receiving co-ordinated care that will help you make the best possible recovery.

Days out

TerraBlu is much more than a home care service. Our active social club gives you the chance to enjoy great days out and festive occasions.  We hold regular lunches for our clients to bring people together and reduce isolation. We also organise popular excursions; recent outings have included pub lunches, trips to garden centres, a visit to the De La Warr Pavilion and cream tea at Penshurst Place. We can also take you out on your own, to go shopping, visit the seaside, enjoy lunch in your favourite restaurant or take afternoon tea in a country house. Our home care doesn’t stop at home!


A healthy, balanced diet can help slow the effects of aging and even the progress of conditions such as dementia. Our staff are trained to work with our clients to help them plan and prepare meals that are delicious, take account of their likes and dislikes and meet all their nutritional needs. Our recent nutritional training covered vitamins and minerals and how to add them into clients’ diets, encouraging good eating habits for clients with dementia, and the health impacts of a poor diet. We also offer a full range of support with meals, including meal planning, escorted shopping trips, unpacking groceries, assisting with food preparation, cooking meals and clearing away.


We know that our care is all about the human touch, but we also recognise that effective use of appropriate technology is key in delivering our service efficiently. We were one of the first care companies in Kent to use electronic call monitoring in 2007. This allows us to schedule calls efficiently, charge accurately and provides us real-time data to adjust the length of calls where necessary.

TerraBlu Online provides a safe portal for you to manage your care, including requesting changes, seeing when your carers are next due to visit and managing your account.

Our care management software enables us to arrange cover when our carers are ill as swiftly as possible, and makes sure our carers have up-to-date information about the clients they are visiting to provide effective continuity of care.

We are happy to work with clients and their families to incorporate their use of technology where appropriate, from organising a skype call to a loved one far away, to acting as call out response for lifeline alarm calls.

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What our clients say

"I want to express our gratitude for the care my mother received. We know that she would not have survived for so long in an environment other than her own home. There were many instances when she responded more positively because of the familiar surroundings. Although there are many difficulties in caring for someone with dementia, we are very grateful for the professional and caring approach of your staff."


The little things that make the big difference

“One client with dementia gets frozen half way through an action, like getting out of the shower: she simply can’t remember what to do next.  Asking her to carry on puts pressure on her and freezes her even more, so I ask her to do something else; this distracts her and unfreezes her mind and her body, so we can go back to what we were doing.”

TerraBlu home carer

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