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23rd March 2016

Why people are at the centre of the job for our excellent home carers

Working in the care sector isn’t always an easy job, but it is immensely rewarding.  One of our fabulous home carers explains why she does it.

“You don’t do this job because it’s a job,” says Netta, who has been with our Tonbridge and Sevenoaks care team for 10 years.  “You have got to do it because you care.  You have got to be interested in people and build up personal relationship with the clients you are working with.”

To do the job well, Netta says you also need to be flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances: “If you have a 30-minute visit scheduled, but the client is in distress or needs additional care that day, you have to make a judgement about their needs and respond accordingly.  If they do need extra time, you have to call the office and say: ‘I need to spend longer here, can you let my other clients know I am going to be late.’”

We’re proud that we have an excellent team of home carers who really do care about our clients and meeting their individual needs.  But we’re also proud that they know that we won’t ask them to watch the clock, and that we will support them in delivering the kind of care they would give to their own mum or dad.

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