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12th August 2015

Why our home care team don’t enjoy any free time in their working days

There’s no such thing as spare time for Terrablu home carers when they are on duty.  If they have a couple of minutes in hand, they will find something else to do to improve the quality of life for the client they are looking after.

Our bespoke care plans are worked out to meet the exact needs of each of our elderly clients and those with dementia in the Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge areas.  But sometimes things work better than clockwork and our carers have a few minutes in hand once they have ticked everything off on the care plan.

So what do they do with this extra time?  The answer is, whatever needs doing and will help the client most.  It might be cleaning the toilet, tidying a drawer or checking the contents of the freezer.  Or it could be having a few minutes’ extra chat with the client, helping them set up a jigsaw or poring over the crossword with them.  Our carers are expert at working out whether the biggest need is for practical help or personal contact, and giving that little bit extra.

Our carers never dash out of the door once the care plan has been fulfilled.  They use their time to deliver the best possible care they can for their charges, looking out for the little extras they can contribute to improve the client’s quality of life.

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