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5th August 2015

More than just carers: how our home care team take time to get to know our clients

The essence of providing home care for the elderly and people with dementia is that you must care; the most important things our home carers do are often not even on our clients’ care plans.

If you look at our website, it lists the full range of services that we provide for the elderly and people with dementia in the Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells areas to help them enjoy a good quality of life in their own homes: meal preparation, domestic chores, dementia care, help with medication, palliative care…  But more important than what we offer, is how we deliver it.

Our carers take time to get to know their clients.  Take Gabby, who has built up an amazing relationship with one of the women she looks after: “The lady has a little bit of a memory problem, so I make sure we talk a lot about the past as she is more comfortable with that and it brings her out more – we talk a lot about the war time.”

And the difference this bit of real companionship makes is obvious.  “When we have had a nice chat, it makes all the difference,” Gabby explains.  “When I leave, she gives me a hug like she is my grandmother.”

The strength of their relationship has led her to share her frustrations with Gabby: “She has told me that she feels trapped in her house and that she would like to get out for a day trip to London. I have told that if that is what she really wants, we can make it happen.”


Talking and listening are essential skills for our carers – one of the many small things that makes the big difference for our clients.


To find out more about how we can help you or your relative enjoy independent living, call 01892 529429 or request a callback.