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23rd September 2015

How our home care team give our elderly clients a new lease of life

One of the things that we and our clients look forward to most is our regular excursions.  They’re not just fun – they can be really beneficial for our clients.

Take Mollie: she has advanced dementia, but she wants to carry on living in her own home with her dog.  Our team of expert carers help her to do just that, but her condition means Mollie is often confused and conversation can be difficult.

But all that changed when we took her out for our winter lunch.  As well as the lunch there was dancing.  Mollie doesn’t normally move about much, but when she heard the music, we couldn’t get her to sit down!  She danced until everyone around her was dropping – and still she kept on going!  Now Mollie doesn’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed the winter lunch, and especially the dancing.

We know how much of a difference the little things can make to our elderly homecare clients and those with dementia in the Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks areas.  For someone with advanced dementia like Mollie, it really can give them a new lease of life.

That’s why we make sure we do the little things really well, like arranging simple excursions to give our clients something to look forward to, get them out of the house, and give them something to talk about afterwards. 

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